About RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate!

RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate originated in July 2009 was a brain child of the thought of professionalizing the real estate agents in the RE/MAX system. In July of 2010 it was decided that the best way to grow is to share the knowledge therefore RE/MAX India diversified its education wing into the academy which is open to training each and everybody interested in joining a career path in Real Estate.

RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate offers real estate education and training skills, with updates and courses leading to a deeper knowledge on real estate practices. The RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate programs combines the flavor of both the class room and practical training thereby making it a fit for everybody either aspiring or already practicing in the real estate brokerage domain.

The real estate industry is an underdog today, with an industry size of more than $45 billion, it is growing at a rate of about 33% CAGR. Real Estate is not only one of the most lucrative industries but with an increasing number of Corporate Developers, Organized brokers, International Property Consultants, Real Estate funds, FDIs etc, the real estate industry is continuously heading towards increased professionalization and organization. A professional training in real estate industry would open many lucrative avenues in diverse industry verticals.

RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate offers many international real estate education courses and professional certifications like Accredited Buyers representative, Certified Residential Specialist, Certified Professional Realtor.

Objectives of RARE

1. To upscale the real estate brokerage industry by providing professional education.

2. To provide the industry and the companies working in it with skilled manpower in real estate for better customer services.

3. To generate employment opportunities by educating people on taking real estate as a first career.

4. To impart necessary skills to the trainees trained in real estate by the academy and provide them with requisite knowledge to be able to service the huge property demand available in the market.

5. To provide Real Estate consultancy.

6. To Provide Real Estate Market Research.

7. To provide avenues for industry and academic interactions and foster close working relationships.

8. Gain a comprehensive knowledge of business and real estate management through a process of action learning.

9. Increase their efficiency and effectiveness in decision-making, planning, organizing, directing and controlling a business process operation.

Code Of Ethics

1. We pledge to always act in a professional manner and to refrain from making disparaging comments or statements about another members of our profession.

2. We will be honest, truthful, present true facts all the times and diligently avoid all misrepresentations, deceptive practices and misleading statements whether verbal or in writing in our communication. This includes but is not limited to all advertising, marketing and communication with all members of the public as well as all parties to a transaction.

3. We pledge to protect the interests of our Clients while treating all parties to the transaction honestly and fairly.

4. We will stay informed of real estate laws and regulations and operate within those laws and regulations in an honest and professional manner.

5. We will continue to attend educational courses and pursue professional development.

6. We shall not undertake to provide specialized professional advice or services that are outside our area of expertise. Examples include but are not limited to the following: legal, structural engineering, plumbing, electrical, roofing, flooring etc.

7. When the interest of any party to a transaction requires legal counselling, we shall recommend them to seek legal counselling.

8. All referrals of clients to another Real Estate Associates as well as all referral fees will be stated in writing and agreed to by both parties.

9. We shall not contact the seller of a property who is under an exclusive listing agreement with another real estate professional with the intent of enticing the seller to break the contract. We may contact said seller to offer another service such as assisting with the purchase of the next property. We may also contact said seller by mail or door-to-door marketing as part of a general distribution of marketing materials throughout the area.

10. Prior to the execution of an exclusive listing agreement with a seller, we shall be diligent to determine whether or not there is a current valid exclusive agreement in place with another real estate company.

Industry Affiliation

The RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate rests on the strong shoulders of the three most respected and powerful organizations in the real estate brokerage and real estate education industry.

NAR Global

The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS ® was founded as the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges on May 12, 1908. It is the worlds largest Association of Real Estate Agents with over 1.2 million active real estate associates across the globe. For more information please visit www.realtors.org

ACRI (Association of Certified Realtors of India)

ACRI was conceived & registered in the year 2005 by a group of professionals who were trained and certified by NAREDCO-(NATIONAL REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL). Today the group is a 200 member strong body operating actively in Delhi NCR, promoting the interests of the Brokers, members and customers alike.


Dave and Gail Liniger founded RE/MAX in Denver, Colo., in 1973, prompted by their dissatisfaction with the way real estate business was conducted at that time. Today the organization is 124,000+ agents string operating in 115 countries with 8,229 offices worldwide. Some of the innovative services created by RE/MAX to help its members become ever more professional and successful include: An international agent-to-agent referral network. Advanced training courses, both on-demand online and in the classroom, via RE/MAX University. State-of-the-art technological tools and Internet and extranet websites. Television advertising campaign For more information please visit www.remax.com | www.remax.in