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Relationships are at the heart of Orbit. We believe that when we build a home, it’s just the start of something beautiful - relationships are what make it complete. To share the joy of a home with those you love - that’s what makes a home stand the test of time. That’s why every home we’ve created across the city is a testament to the most important value of all. Relationships - there’s no foundation deeper, no pillar stronger and no journey higher.

Projects : Orbit Group

Best Builder Projects

Orbit Ashwa


Hossain Shah Road
  • RERANO: HIRA/P/KOL/2018/000072
1.62 Cr

Orbit Cosmos


N.S.C. Bose Road
  • RERANO: HIRA/P/KOL/2018/000276
Price on request

Orbit Victoria


Shakespeare Sarani, kolkata
  • RERANO: HIRA/P/KOL/2018/000071
Price on request

Orbit Ekam


Lower Rawdon Street
  • RERANO: HIRA/P/KOL/2018/000112
Price on request