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RE/MAX Balloon lands in Southern Karnataka

With a vision to capitalize on the growth of Real Estate market in India, RE/MAX India has again expanded its presence in the southern part of the country. RE/MAX India has awarded the Master Franchise of RE/MAX Southern Karnataka to NethraQuadros, who prior to RE/MAX was associated with Keller Williams in USA.

A very successful RE/MAX Southern Karnataka launch was held in Mysore on 11th Oct, which was attended by 230 enthusiastic franchise owner prospects. The attendees came from a wide range of background such as Life insurance agents, Attorneys, Travel agents, Business consultants, Architects, and Local real estate agents.

RE/MAX has been working towards increasing their Associate count at all the levels to offer professional services to the customers. In the words of Mr. Sam Chopra, Founder and Chairman, RE/MAX India “A unique business model, trusted brand name and a national and global recognition have helped us in gaining momentum in the Indian realty market”. The market of Southern Karnataka has a great potential and combining it with the USP’s of RE/MAX, I am hopeful that the new regional team will be able to reach out to more potential clients.

According to NethraQuadros, Regional Owner for the region of RE/MAX Southern Karnataka, “The professional environment, strong leadership, good market presence and a strong business model were few strengths of RE/MAX that helped me in making the decision”. My experience as a Realtor will be an asset for my Associates and thus helpful in mentoring everyone who joins us as a Broker Owners and Broker Associates. In addition to increasing the Broker count in my region, we are excited to build a strong hold of RE/MAX here by also increasing the number of Agents who will be catering to the Real Estate needs of all our clients. At the end of the day, the customers today look forward to realtors who can provide them with information which is a value addition to what they have already seen online. Real Estate Consultants are now working towards this value addition and RE/MAX will provide them with all the support and tools for the same.

“My entire team is excited about the tremendous growth of RE/MAX in the region and we look forward to supporting them in every possible way to maximize their caliber in Sales and customer service”, says Sahil Kapoor, Executive Director, RE/MAX India. I feel that with Nethra’s past professional experience she has a good understanding of what it takes to deliver good customer service which will benefit the Associates as well as the end users. We as RE/MAX have been working towards gaining a strong foothold in the Indian realty market and are hopeful that with every increase in our Associate count, our business will go a long way in changing the State of Real Estate in India.